Wednesday, June 21, 2017


One of the jobs on the property that we feel is a priority is clearing lantana. This tenacious and invasive weed chokes the native vegetation, obstructs the view of the land and restricts our ability to walk the property.  Aside from the cleared area around the house and sheds the whole property was covered in it when we arrived. It varied from sparse, to thick, to impassable.  Since we arrived we have been clearing after it rains and the ground has become wet enough to allow it to come out more easily. So when we have long periods of dry, we leave it be because it's nearly impossible to pull up. When I say clearing I mean hand pulling each and every single piece of lantana.

That said, we have cleared three quarters of the property. The scaled map below shows the extent of land we have cleared. We have also done repulls of most of the areas which is essential to ensure that we keep on top of regrowth.

We have seen kangaroos at our place regularly and across our property since we started clearing. When we arrived we never saw them.  Other landholders who haven't been as fastidious with clearing report they never see kangaroos, I suspect it's because they can't travel through the stuff.

Lantana pulled and stacked, roots off the ground !

One of the other joys is exposing pretty areas that were previously completely covered in the stuff.

Small waterfall in the creek, previously screened via lantana