Monday, August 30, 2010

New Baby chickens

"Arnie" the Rooster
The chirping and cheepign of three new baby chickens hearelded the forst births from our nrecently acquired rooster (Arnie)

He went to work almost immediately on his harem and we now have 3 new chicks from a broody ISA Brown hen.  They arrived 21 days after being laid.  We unfortunately lost a 4th egg, "Mum" kicked the egg out about a day or so before it hatched.  Upon opening the egg, we found a fully developed dead fetus.

We plan to keep the females for laying eggs and any Males will be killed and eaten when they first start to crow.  We also can;t keep any males of course as they will only fight amongst themselves.

 Here are the little fella's in action !

Mum and babies are doing well !


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