Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bountiful harvest

We have been very slack with posting lately. We have been berating ourselves and this morning I decided to come upstairs to the computer and start a new post. Instead I found the below draft so I decided to publish this one and get cracking on another.

The last few months have been the driest any of the locals can remember and we have started to despair. Trev placed a stick on the edge of the dam and said 'I hope it doesn't get much lower. Then another stick further in as the water dropped and 'Oh bugger'. Yet another stick and we started the plans to bring water from the big dam on the other side of the property, a project that would cost $$$. Over the last few weeks, glorious, sustaining rain. The figs are plump and sweet.

Figs, proscuitto, blue cheese, balsamic 👍

Sausages and Mince (Crazy Trevs naming system)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

new stuff

Luffa (or Loofa)

We're always exploring new things. Toni was given a few seeds for a luffa plant which she'd never encounted. Undeterred off she went and planted them.  She now has heaps of her own home-grown luffas, what a thing.

Use it like a scourer in the kitchen, a loofa in the shower and when it wears out, throw it in the compost.

Skin removed and dried, then you just cut them to whatever size suits

From the end

Rosella Jam

Another one we're trialing is the Rosella Plant. Knowing it's imported and listed as a weed, we're keeping ours inside a netted enclosure to stop the birds spreading the seed We grabbed one from Daley's Nursery earlier in the year and it went crazy, 

producing enough in the first few months to make.... JAM... a few messages back and forward to Trev's Mum and there you have it, 

Finished product awaiting the taste test