Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More fruit trees and other things

Fruit Trees

We plant a few new fruit trees each year, just planted a Eureka Lemon, 2 Passionfruit and 2 Paw Paws today.  After digging the holes, I filled them with water, waited until they drained then used our compost to fill them, watered the plants and then mulched them with Comfrey leaves.

New Paw Paw
New Eureka Lemon

The Dwarf Mulberry we planted a few months ago (Nov 2010) (below) seems to be doing okay, at the same time we did 2 x Pecan, 2 x Japoticaba, 2x Pecan and 1 x Passionfruit and 1 x Black Sapote.

Dwarf Black Mulberry

The Raspberries are coming along, here's where they were first planted back in June and we've collected a 1/2 dozen off them.  We don't really expect many until next year.

Raspeberry Canes

They all seem to be doing fine so far but the Avocado we planted earlier last year looks like it might have succumbed to the constant months of rain we had.  I assume that's what's done it in ?
Sorry looking Avocado

It has been quite hot here lately, the only warm weather we have had so far this Summer.  We often duck down to a nearby creek for a cooling swim, it's a beautiful spot.  The pic below was taken with me in the water up to about my hips.

Swimming hole in a creek  near us, lovely in the Summer heat
Native Animals
Being in the bush of course we get a plethora of native animals, unfortunately the Goannas are in abundance now and it can be difficult keeping them out of the chook-pen, inevitably we loose some of the eggs to the buggers.  
Goanna enjoying a nap in the tree !

but we also get  snakes of all sorts, like this Python on the driveway
Carpet Python

and a family of kangaroos getting some shade relief under the Olive tree.
Mum, Dad and baby enjoying the shade


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