Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit has been going gangbusters, it seems like it gets bigger every day !

Planted in mid September
Late September

20 October


Feta from organic Goats Milk
The great cheese experiment continues.  We have been giving some consideration to getting a goat and one of Toni's friends has some and sold us some of her milk.  Goats milk is an acquired taste, a taste I have not acquired, I disliked it... alot.  Toni did her thing, waved the cheese thermometer over the pot, said the magic words (shaboozle, shabazzle) and BAM ! Goats cheese feta ! Awesome.   but now the bad news, it tastes terrible.  Once again, an acquired taste.  Genuine feta is supposed to be made from goats or sheeps milk but obviously our palette prefers cows milk.  We sold the Feta to a local lady who loved it, so the cheese itself was not bad just not to our taste.  We hope to source a local cow to give that a try at some stage.  Until then we'll continue using the supermarket milk.  

Meals from the Garden

Breakfast was eggs, and fruit.  White Mullberries, Strawberries and Peppino's. all picked this morning, along with a few "bum nuts" from the hens yesterday. 

Yum !

Luscious !


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