Friday, September 10, 2010

Farm chore day and food glorious food

We spent the last two days up at Mebin NP and Mt Warning, camping and hiking,

Top, steep, chained section of Mt. Warning

more pics here 

So now back at "the farm" catching up with chores

Finished of the chicken coop pole from an earlier blog post, dug in the green pea manure for some of the garden beds and a whole heap of weeding along with a myriad of other minor chores.

The citrus marmalade that Toni had made back in early May

was running out, apparently I had been eating too much of, who woulda' thunk it ! So Toni picked some of the last citrus left on the trees: Grapefruit, Maderines, Kumquats and a few limes and started to make a new batch

Citrus Marmalade on the boil !

Looks like I have more marmalade coming up ! Hope it's as delicious as the last batch !

Plenty of other cooking that day as well...

Mans (and woman) staple... bread
Our Daily Bread !

and dinner that night

Fresh from the garden and roasted

picked a few hours before from the garden, then roasted, with garlic and rosemary also from the garden, then served with a cheese sauce !

Followed for dessert for a freshly made strawberry (from the garden) cheesecake, the base was crushed choc bikkies, macadamias (from the garden) and almonds !


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