Saturday, April 16, 2011

back at it..

We were away in Thailand and Cambodia for a month (more about that here), we're back into work on the property.

One of the tasks that turned into a bit of a failure last year was Olives.  I don't eat them at all but Toni is a big fan.  This year she is following another recipe that we found in an old Earth Garden Magazine.  We'll see how that goes.  We spent a few hours harvesting the larger Queen olive tree that was prolific this year and Toni then sorted, graded and started the process which will hopefully end up with an edible product this time.

Sorting the Olives !
Dozens of jobs needed to be attended to, so that has been keeping us busy.  It's still raining with 32mm falling last night, hopefully one day it will dry out a little!

Bountiful harvest
This was a pic I took last month, just before we left, showing a days "harvest" ...

Tomatoes, Chokos, Eggs, Tamarillos, blackberries and Figs.

Alas, the chooks are off the lay at the moment and we struggle to get an egg a day !  Hopefully they will come good soon.

We have killed two more roosters and eaten them!  We're getting quite adept at the process now.


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