Monday, May 2, 2011

Fruit, glorious fruit

We have a couple different fruits being harvested at the moment, particularly Persimmons (a non astringent variety) and Guavas. Unfortunately I don't like either but Toni is enamoured !

and other fruits on the way, hopefully some Paw Paw's! yum yum!
Paw Paw, fingers crossed we don't lose them !
and one of the Mandarin trees has fruit that are colouring nicely.

Wit the huge amount of rain we had, we were convinced we'd lost two small avocados, one tree about 2 years old, the other about 9 months.  The both shed all their leaves and looked very forlorn, the larger one came back quite quickly after the rain petered out and after two months or so the small one, the one we were convinced we'd lost, has started sprouting again! Yeah!

Resurrected Avocado shrub !
The great Guinea Pig experiment
When we moved in, there where three female guinea pigs in the Orchard, the idea behind them is that they will keep the lawn trimmed and require no looking after .  One passed away and the other two could not keep up, necessitating some mowing.  So, Toni decided to find a male to mate with them.  I was against it, knowing how quickly they breed and sure enough a few months later, the place is thick with the little buggers.  I am not sure if she's hasn't created a bigger problem but I will let her deal with that!  Apparently she is going to cull the males, that should prove interesting, just trying to catch and sex them !

Breeding like, well, Guinea Pigs !


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