Tuesday, October 25, 2011

always something happening

One of the truly wondrous things about living in the bush is that there is always something happening, wildlife wise.  The Kookaburra's are back, nesting in the tree out the front,

Kookaburras nesting in the Stringy Bark in the front yard

and we spied these guys on the front lawn the other day.  Not sure if they are two males fighting, or a couple making luuurrrrrve?

What are they doing, fighting or making sweet luuurve?
We were paid a special vist by this beautiful female Satin Bowerbird the other day
Female Satin Bowerbird

Toni's guinea pigs are busy breeding, with this little albino popping out the other day.  These guys keep the grass down in the orchard and chook run and require no work from us except keeping there water topped up (once a month or so).

Albino Guinea Pig !

Every now and again, Toni keeps the numbers down by selling off some of the babies to the local pet shop.  She has been researching eating them, the nation dish of Peru apparently, so we'll see how that goes !

There is nearly always some sort of fruit or other in season, we are getting the odd pineapple at the moment, as well as a huge crop of White Shatoots (white mulberries)

White Mulberries, with an egg for scale

and Toni is busy in the kitchen as always, lovely fresh baked bread !

Fresh baked bread
Poppy Seed, Sesame Seed and  Onion and Camembert cheese savoury loaf !  Yum yum !


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