Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Toni had headed off early to work, so I woke up, wandered down and fed the chooks, they'd laid two eggs early, so I grabbed them, followed with a handful of mulberries, then wandered over to the garden and grabbed a handful of strawberries.  That and a piece of toast from home made bread was breakfast taken care of.  I released when I got back to the house, I was naked the entire time...

Breakfast !

If I had been in suburbia, I would have probably been arrested, it's times like that I really appreciate being out on a property in the bush.

More beautiful birds
Well the Kookaburras are back nesting in an old termite mound in a big old stringy bark in the front yard

Kookuburra nesting in a Stringy Bark !

and as special as that is, there is a pair of Sacred Kingfisheres nesting in the back of the same mound !

Sacred Kingfisher

This also makes for some interesting aerial acrobatics and dogfights on occasion, especially if you throw the ever aggressive Friar Birds nesting in the tree next to it into the mix.

The White Cheeked Honeyeater has been coming around of late, we haven't seen much of them at all but their noisy calls alert you to their presence soon enough.  A beautiful little honey-eater !


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