Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was about to have breakfast this morning when it struck me "this is what it's about"  I looked at my plate, eggs from the chooks yesterday, spring onions from the garden this morning, similarly a side of cherry tomatoes from the garden.  The idea is not to be self sufficient, which is virtually impossible (who grows and mills there own rice, flour, sugar, salt etc etc)  to do in your own garden but to reduce the amount you rely on from Supermarkets and others, reducing your impact on the Planet, cutting back on the amount of stuff that needs to be shipped around the place relying on non renewable fuels for transport etc

The gardens delight !

That's breakfast, making the meal mostly self sufficient, aside from the cheese I grated into the scrambled eggs and the pepper sprinkled over the top .  Satisfying in a way that consuming only our own produce can bring but most of all ... DE-LI-CIOUS :)

As well as providing food, the garden provides beverages!  Here's an example, a tea of Lemon Verbana, Lemon Myrtle and Mint.  While I am not a big fan, Toni loves it and we can just pick the leaves from the garden  !

from L to R: Lemon Verbana, Lemon Myrtle and Mint for Tea !

Christmas is done and dusted, on Christmas day, I went down to feed the chooks, Toni had corralled the guinea pigs, all the ones she thought were females and the babies that were too young to sex, waiting until she coudl sex the babies and divided the males from the females.  A local carpet snake thought this was "heaven on a stick", so in it came and devoured three or four of the mothers !  I quickly relocated the snake.

Python enjoying breakfast !

The guinea pigs are to be used for food and are used to keep the lawn in the orchard down.  The orchard is fully enclosed and is about 20m x 10m, so plenty of room for them to free range.  They're no trouble and no work (don't dig, like rabbits) so the perfect small property meat source.

Here's a Youtube video on that very subject


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