Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slowly getting up to speed...

Slowly getting up to speed...

Garden is going great,

Companion planted Marigolds

we have had some rain but not as much as we'd like.  This seems endemic across eastern Australia at the moment, which is the exact opposite of when we left where it would not stop raining !

Tomatoes are coming along
Getting some color

Harvested garlic drying in the Sun

We're still suffering sticker shock from how expensive everything is in Australia but we can ameliorate this somewhat by eating mostly from the property: The orchard, the garden and the chickens all producing in their own way.

Lunch ! Veggies frying in garlic and  from the garden.
The only thing not from the garden was the cracked pepper and a little butter.

Excess eggs and strawberries = PAVLOVA !

We also produce and store our own power and water, so no water or electricity bills but every time we go shopping we go WOW... luckily our shopping is kept to a minimum.

Climate Change

It's interesting (in a disturbing and disappointing kind of way) to see the debate still swirl around climate change.  Maybe having science qualifications makes me suffer confirmation bias but I have to say the lack of people doing anything to mitigate the problem is disturbing.  We'll keep trying to contribute, continuing to live more simply then we used to, lowering our environmental impact.  Looking around, Government don't have the solution, it will need to come from the people

An interesting article recently in Scientific American brought it all home

The recent American Geophysical Union's annual meeting featured a talk that presented computer simulations of planetary futures if human activity continued on its present course. Such meetings are generally staid affairs. But the findings motivated this scientist to title his presentation "Is Earth F**ked?"

Meanwhile, halfway around the globe in Doha, climate change negotiators continued to fiddle with treaty text as the planet gradually burns. While the negotiators may save the Kyoto Protocol to combat climate change as a stopgap until a new international treaty is negotiated in 2015, none of it is likely to be anywhere near enough

and this at our own ABC on coverage of climate change in the press

Think about it. If you for a moment took seriously the proposition that we are entering a period that will see "adverse consequences for human security and economic and trade systems" – what a deliciously loaded snippet that is - then you would be hard pressed to justify inserting that story somewhere between the possibility of an interest rate cut and the sad but comparatively trivial discovery of three people with flu like symptoms in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

I guess "a little less conversation and a little more action" is too much to hope for.  We are trying to do our bit


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