Monday, December 31, 2012

Garden of earthly delights

We are completely misusing Hieronymus Bosch's trypitch painting "Garden of Earthly Delights" but none the less, that's the title that springs to mind when walking in the early  Summer garden.  Well started by Steve and Toni's continuing good works sees it overflowing with bounty

We see this

One mornings tomato harvest !

become this
Tomato puree

for use in pastas later in the year

The herb garden
Main herb garden

with associated frog pond

Frog Pond

The pond is an excellent indication of the gardens general health in relation to chemicals (canary in the coal mine !), with the bonus being the frogs eat some of the pests !

The basil is doing well and makes a great pesto when combined with a few other ingredients


Some of the plants are being let go to seed, to deliberately collect the seed for future use
Lettuce going to seed

The capsicum

Capsicum (bell peppers)

and chillis are coming along


As are the thornless blackberries !
Ripening Blackberries


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