Sunday, February 17, 2013

after the rain

After the rain

some minor repairs were needed and a few things didn't survive, most noticeably the recently planted new Tamarillo

Tamarillo seedling went toes up

but our wonderful neighbour Chantel provided us with another, we planted this one up on a large mound in the sweet potato patch to help keep it's roots a little drier. The orchard area can get a little damp with lots of water, which we had ! Thank you so much to our wonderful neighbour

Tamarillio redux. !

Some of the plants of course LOVED the wet, the Orange Jasmine went mad with flowers and it's wonderful perfume wafts through the house

Orange Jasmine

when life give you limes, you make lime cordial

The lime tree has gone into overdrive, producing a huge quantity of fruit, we have sold some and made Lime cordial, with the recipe sourced from Sally Wise's book Life in a Bottle with others but we have way too many.  It's a little sweet for us but previous attempts to make it less sweet (sorry for messing with the recipe Sally !) by using less sugar, ended in the disaster of fermenting cordial !  So we just squeeze more fresh lime juice in, to tone the sweetness down.

We also use them often just cut in 1/2 and squeezed into some cold glass of water.  This  was a favourite drink of ours whilst in Cambodia last year.

Sally Wise's book "Life in a Bottle" + excess Limes = Lime cordial !


the garden is on the go

Corn coming along
and the chickens are on the grow
Male = meat,  female = eggs


Awww...such a sweet little chick! We haven't gotten ours yet this year, but I can hardly wait for all the peeping and wonderful fluffiness!

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