Tuesday, June 18, 2013

cuisine and cookin'

Well, Toni has been cooking up a storm.


She recently (for her birthday) was gifted a beginners cheese-making set to which she has taken too with enthusiasm, making her own Feta and Ricotta, very tasty to I must say.
Making the Feta
Decanting to a cheesecloth
Draining for a few hours, to separate the Whey
The Whey is then used to make Whey based Ricotta

Finished Feta
Finished Ricotta

Jams, Marmalade and Cordial

The citrus trees are heavy with fruit, and the marmalade had recently run out, so time to make some more !  Once again the Sally Wise book "Year in a Bottle" is used:

Passion fruit Cordial

and away we go, adding some of the frozen passion fruit collected earlier.
Passionfruit Cordial

Marmalade on the wood heater at night, no gas used !

Marmalade simmering away

and we had some left over blackberries in the refrigerator, so why not some more Blackberry Jam !  Why not indeed

Blackberry Jam


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