Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poo, glorious poo !

Poo, glorious poo !

We have been collecting ute loads of the stuff, by this I mean stuff from the back end of a horse, from the farm down the road.  We have 3 compost bays, with new compost being started in the first (green material eg grass clippings, comfrey etc, brown eg dead leaves and horse manure)

Turning into the final bay

In the final bay, another week or two and ready to go !

As well as the stuff from the back end of the horse, we also use the stuff from the back end of the chicken , mixed in with some comfrey, it's left to "steep" and turned into a tea that is then diluted and used to fertilise the plants.

Healthy legumes

Sweet potatoes

Harvested some more of the sweet potatoes today.  Just have to dry them out and they can be stored for months !

Today's sweet potato harvest


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