Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New arrivals


We have been trying to slowly build up our stock of chickens so it was great to receive some from a local who was moving away.  12 Barnevelder chickens and their Mum

Mum and babies admiring their new accommodation

Dad came as well.  The normal fighting happened when a new rooster was introduced, we clipped both their spurs first and there wa s hiug brawl until the "pecking" order was established.

Meet "Chuck", named after his namesake "Chuck Norris"
We also had one of our own go broody about the same time, so we placed a few eggs under her and waited
Baby chicken hatching
they are laying prodigiously at the moment, so what to do with excess eggs, plenty of passion fruit and lots of strawberries ?  PAVLOVA !

A stack of them

Three flatter layers to form a sandwiched stack

Yum, it didn't last long !
the other thing we are just trying is pickled eggs.

First test batch of pickled eggs

This lets us have them later when the hens are laying as many and also allows us to take them hiking, camping etc where we have no access to refrigeration.


The garden is still producing,


Onions, Spring Onions and Leeks

Broad Beans

Sugar Snap Peas

Strawberries !

plenty of  other vegetables as well at the moment; carrots, beetroot, broad beans, peas, choy sum, snow peas as well as fruit; Peppinos, Tangellows and Limes.

and a random photo of the beautifully ethereal morning in the mist

Front the front door


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