Monday, September 16, 2013

warmer weather..

The warmer weather has continued, with a brief interruption for a cold burst to remind if of winter.  It has started to dry out a little now. to be expected over winter but strange after seemingly endless rain since late January.

Don't drink the water !

A trip recently to Brisbane to visit my mother reminded me of the "weirdness" of urban living

what what what .... what ?

The pollution makes the rainwater unfit for drinking, never mind breathing it in every day... I guess you get used to the smell. not sure how good it is for you though with recent reports having "invisible" pollution linked to asthma and autism development, I guess a good enough reason not to drink it ?

Early spring ?

The flowers are still flowering, with native bees everywhere, working...  like bees I guess !

Rocket flower with native bees
the parsley is doing well

Parsley in the herb garden

Strawberries are on the table regularly for breakfast

but the pests start to come out, the Cabbage Moths are out 'n about

but the birds are fluttering

Azure Kingfisher

Iconically Australian !
Female Satin Bowerbird raiding the Cherry Guava Tree
The garden is in it's winter phase but still productive, we; wary of this early spring and have held off a little in case the recent cold snap is repeated


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