Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bom Bom Forest - Minne Water

17 Jan
Took the mountain bikes to Bom Bom Forest, the local MTB riding area around Grafton, unfortunately they have a lack of single track so it;s mostly riding on firetrail and 4-wd road.  Never mind, had a bit of a look around, then headed to Minnie Water, which is a small coastal village, not far from Grafton.

Has some great camping spots, it's surrounded by Yurangir Nation Park., which also has many beautiful vistas vistas.

Plan to come back and camp some time, take the snorkelling gear, looks like a protected area not to far off the rocks where we can snorkel.  As well as plenty of beautiful beaches around the headland to explore.  

The beaches are all beautiful down here and you can swim in summer, as opposed to NQ where you can't swim in Summer because of the box jellyfish.


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