Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Worm Farm and other jobs

Constructed the enclosure for the Worm Farm today, nothing special, scrounged the wood from bits around the property, a bit of Alu. cladding for the roof, and old bathtub I managed to find in Grafton, a piece of carpet scrounged from the local carpet shop .. anyway, you know the drill.

The shade cloth is held taut at the bottom clipped into place and can be rolled up out of the way if you need to get in the side, as well as serving duty to give the little blighters shade from the afternoon Sun.
Managed to finish the dam, cleaned the ends of the intake for the pump for the veggie garde3ns (goes up to a tank on the hill, then gravity feeds the taps for the veggies, orchards etc) As well as installed new flots (20l oil drums cleaned out) and bricks on the bottom to stop the wind moving them about,  Toni did most of the work in the tube in the dam itself.  She looked quite the picture, fighting the duck weed !


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