Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going for a walk and ...

Going for a walk 

We were up early the other morning, so we decided we would walk up "Mt Martin", which while the named indicates some grandeur, is really little more then a hillock.  We walked up the road, through the bush and across the ridge to to north, parallel with the back boundary of our property, to the top of the mountain, spotted the Survey Station on top

Plaque on Survey Station

Mt Martin Survey Station

We had Dave out doing some slashing the other day, looks nice, discourages snakes etc and keeps the bladey grass down.  Took him about 90mins at $120, we though that was value for money! Also saves burning, which really does encourage weeds to grow back.

Always farm chores
Anyone who owns property and is growing their own vegetables etc will realise how the chores are never ending.  Toni went and collected all the sweet potatoes the other day, leave it too much longer and the slugs start to eat them,but it is a back breaking, thankless job.  We store them inside and use them over the months to come in lots of wonderful roasts and soups over winter,

Hard work harvesting sweet potatoes !

Several weeks ago the olives were picked, and put in brine, several times over.  Time to bottle them, adding flavours like garlic, rosemary, chilli etc
Getting ready to bottle the olives !

Some of the finished product

While I don't eat them, Toni is looking forward to enjoying them !

and this mornings bread...

Yummy bread !
including a delicious savoury loaf at the front of camembert & cheddar cheese, garlic and garlic chives


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