Friday, May 17, 2013

Autumn is in the air

Autumn is in the air

We went for a quick drive up the range to Armidale check out the colours of Autumn  coming from tropical northern Australia I still find the colours gorgeous.  A couple of the photo;s are in the slideshow below.


We suffer this weed as does everyone locally as well as lots of Australia.  So we have been spending 3 hours a day every second day for a couple weeks now on a binge to clear it.  Hard work, as we're clearing manually

Toni beside a pile of cleared lantana
Is starting to come on, the small Silverhill Mandarin always seems prolific for such a small tree and it;s early fruiting, so they are all eaten first.  The Mandarin in the chook yard


and the Tangello in the chook yard


are doing really well and we have just started to eat them, the Kumquat's will go into Marmalade.  They are supposed to b e an edible variety but you would have to be starving before eating them.



There are currently dozens of Black Jezebel butterflies swarming over the Bottlebrush flowers, gorgeous little butterfly

Black Jezebel Butterfly


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