Sunday, May 12, 2013

Superfixerupper Man !

One broken spring cake form pan surround

but why do we need to fix it... because it destroys cakes ! ahhhhhhhhh save us !

Ahh, what shall we do ? I know, lets call Superfixeruper Man.. he will save us

First things first, he needs to replace that shitty Husquvarna Cap but no time right now

Superfixerupper Man gets on the Batphone and calls up Private Pop Rivet and Major Makita.  We need your help guys, the World is going to rack and ruin 'cause people keep throwing their stuff out.. we're drowning in an ocean of "stuff"... literally.

All three Super friends meet up at the Fortress of Solitude, with Superfixeruperman doing all the work.. Private Pop Rivet and Major Makita laying around as per usual !

Oh ! you have saved the spring form pan surround, Superfixerupper man, you are my HERO !

and the girls go crazy !


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